Full overview of available car sharing locations in the Entur-app


Electric cars from Move About are now visible in the travel planner tool Entur. This strengthens the offer that travelers get in the Entur-app, since they can go to the map and see what cars are available — and where.

Entur works continuously with improving everyday travel planning. And now people that need a car for a few hours, or several weeks, get the possibility to find car sharing locations in the Entur-app.

- Car sharing is a really nice concept when you’re in need of a car now and then. It’s both sustainable and environmental friendly to share a car, and I’m happy that we can now offer this service. It’s easier for people to find more transportation options in the same place, says Director of Marketing and Mobility at Entur, Hanne Nettum Breivik.

Sustainable, modern and customer friendly

- We are very proud to be the first car sharing player that integrates with Entur, and this is an important first step for large platforms to collaborate for the grater good of the customer. The future is about collaboration and having a user friendly mindset. We believe that it’s both sustainable, modern and user friendly that Entur makes our car sharing and electric bike-sharing available in their app, Morten Von Krogh, CEO of Move About, says.