Board of directors

Ivar Sigurd Eide

Chairman of the Board

Ivar Sigurd Eide, 62, is a trained business economist and authorized Financial Analyst from the Norwegian School of Economics. Ivar Sigurd Eide has worked in private and venture capital throughout his career in both Norway and internationally and has extensive board experience, including from Renewable Energy Corporation ASA.

Holdings in Move About: Ivar holds 952.925 shares in Move About through Øst Bolig AS.

Chairman since: March 2023

Independent to the company leadership: Yes

Independent to the largest shareholders: No

Reidar Langmo

Board Member

Reidar has a broad industrial background both from the oil and gas industry, and for the last 30 years his main focus has been on renewable energy and clean-tech. Reidar was one of the two founders of REC; the first fully integrated solar (PV) company in the world, and for many years also globally the largest PV company. Reidar has founded, and been involved in several clean tech start-ups, both operationally and financially.

Reidar holds an MSc from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Holdings in Move About: Reidar holds 2.268.124 shares in Move About through Rebelijo Invest AS and 568.310 shares through Øst Bolig AS.

Board member since: February 2020

Independent to the company leadership: No

Independent to the largest shareholders: No

Cathrin Idén

Board Member

Cathrin Idén, born 1976, is a business developer and change manager with broad experience in IT, sales, marketing, business development, mobility, sustainability, solar energy and charging infrastructure. Catrin currently works as E-Mobility Manager for Green Stop Sverige AB and has previously worked in groups such as Shell, St1 and Volkswagen (Europeisk biluthyrning AB) and also as self-employed and in startups.

Holdings in Move About: Cathrin holds 0 shares in Move About.

Board member since: January 2023

Independent to the company leadership: Yes

Independent to the largest shareholders: Yes

Sverre H. Stange

Board Member

Sverre H. Stange, born 1956, holds a degree in Economics from Lund University and the University of San Francisco (International Finance) and has previously worked for SEB/SBL in London and Hong Kong and Oslo Finans AS. Sverre H. Stange has worked as an independent investor since 1995 and he is a member of the board of Nordic Capital Partne II AS, ESGIAN AS, Gfjord Invest AS and others. Sverre H. Stange's main areas of expertise include leadership, finance and business turnaround.

Holdings in Move About: Sverre H. Stange holds 276.767 in Move About through ECASA AS.

Board member since: January 2023

Independent to the company leadership: Yes

Independent to the largest shareholders: Yes

Executive management

Olof Jonasson


Olof has 24 years of experience as a portfolio manager for Nordic and global equities at, among other places, the first AP Fund as Head of Equities.

Olof has a Master of Economic Science from the School of Business from Gothenburg School of Economics.

Holdings in Move AboutOlof holds 709.941 shares in Move About.

Acting CEO since: April 2022

Andreas Tullborg

Acting CFO

Andreas has a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Gothenburg and studies at California State University, has previous work experience as an analyst at Bank of New York Mellon.

Business Controller and CFO at larger companies such as Tamro, Uniflex (part of Poolia) where he also worked as Regional Manager West.

Holdings in Move About: Andreas holds 0 shares in Move About.

CFO since:
October 2022
Erik Nordenfelt

Head of Business Development

Erik participated in a management buy-in of the telematics pioneer Pilotfish from AB Volvo in 2003 and has since worked exclusively with IoT / telematics. Under Erik's leadership, the area for car sharing was split into a separate company in 2013 as one of a small number of international, independent technology suppliers. In 2017, this company was acquired by Move About, whereby Erik got the role of Move About's CTO.

Erik has a master's degree in computer science and engineering from Chalmers University of Technology.

Holdings in Move About: Erik holds 1.471.319 shares in Move About through E. Nordenfelt AB.

Head of Business Development since:
June 2022
Peter Aldby

Country Manager Sweden

Peter has a degree in technical sales from Handelsakademin. In addition, he studied corporate growth, strategy and organization at DI Scale Up Academy.

With more than 18+ years experience from the transportation industry, he has been working at Move About since 2012 and has played a vital part in building and developing operations, delivery and customer support in the organisation.

Holdings in Move About: Peter holds 0 shares in Move About Group

Country manager since: December 2021

Martin Hellström

Country Manager Norway

Entrepreneur with over 16 years in the entertainment industry. Martin is educated as project leader in infomation and technology at Masters of Media in Stockholm.

Experience with car sharing since 2015. Fleetowner at Nabobil, Swipp Mobility and COO in Move about (march 2020 - may 2022).

Holdings in Move About: Martin holds 2400 shares in Move About Group

 Country manager since: May 2022

Michael Lindhof

Country Manager Germany

More than 23+ years experience in the transportation industry. Michael holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin.

He is the founder and Country Manager of Mobileeee, the German branch of Move About Group.

Holdings in Move About: Michael holds 951.592 shares in Move About Group

Country manager since: December 2021