Tesla Model Y – Ready for sharing


At Move About, we work continuously to make car sharing attractive. As early as 2015, we were among the first in the world to make the Tesla Model S available for sharing. And we followed up when the Model 3 came on the market.

We are now among the very first to offer the brand-new Tesla Model Y available 24/7 via the Move About App, starting with 10 cars in Gothenburg and with plans is to make the offer more widely available next year.

“This is another milestone in our work to create the very best and most attractive mobility service for people in motion. And let there be no doubt: Every kilometer driven with one of our electric cars like the Tesla Ys, reduce CO2 emission, says CEO of Move About Group, Morten von Krogh.

Move About is now established in Sweden, Norway and Germany – with electric cars in all price ranges available at more than 300 locations.