Acquisition in Germany ensures European spearhead for Move About Group

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As part of its growth strategy, Move About has acquired a strong majority in the German carsharing company mobileeee. Mobileeee is an award-winning and green EV-carsharing provider. Their operation is headquartered in Frankfurt and the company is operating in a number of German communities.

Mobileeee is now a part of the Move About Group and forms the basis for the further accelerated growth for Move About in Germany:

“The purpose of the expansion towards Germany through Mobileeee is to capitalize on our strong position in the Nordic region and gain a European foothold,” says CEO Morten von Krogh in Move About Group.

“We have a clear growth strategy, and this means that we now have a spearhead into the largest mobility market in Europe. Mobileeee follows the same philosophy as us and a business model to be easily integrated into our model” he says.


Mobileeee won the Founders Award in Frankfurt as early as 2016 and has since been recognized as a partner in the Hessia State Subvention program. In addition, mobileeee is partner in the Clean Air Initiative by the Bundesministerium für Verkehr und Digitale Infrastruktur.

“As the spearhead of the groups expansion in Europe we are now bundling Mobileeee with the outstanding experience of Move About Scandinavia, being Europe's longest operating all electric carsharing enterprise, with our national presence and growth plans,” says Michael Lindhof, Country Manager in Move About Germany.

“Our shared mobility via station-based all electric fleets is a major sustainable solution for smarter cities and regions in both Scandinavia and in Germany. It strongly supports the long-needed contribution of the mobility sector to the world's ambitious climate protection goals,” says CEO Morten von Krogh in Move About Group.


Learn more on the Mobileeee website

To support our continued growth and our vision of cleaner and more cost-efficient mobility, Move About Germany is the latest contribution to our family.

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