Bonava chooses Move About as a supplier to their sustainable rental apartments

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In the new district of Öster Mälarstrand in Västerås, real estate developer Bonava is building a new block with rental apartments that has a specific focus on ecological and social sustainability. For this project, Bonava has chosen to invest in climate friendly car sharing delivered by Move About, where tenants can book electric cars with a click.

Bonava's new block, Förseglet, has been awarded the Nordic eco-label Svanen because of its low environmental impact and high energy efficiency. This makes it easy for residents to live more climate friendly.

In the joint inner courtyard, there is also a dedicated lot for farming and several green areas. The short walking distance to the city center and access to Move About's car sharing service (included in the rental fee) means that tenants will not have the same need to own a car themselves.

- A car sharing service in the neighborhood gives tenants access to cars without having to own one. This will cut both costs and carbon footprint since they can access electric cars on-demand, says Andreas Back, Development Manager at Bonava.

- This is an exciting and good model that has become increasingly relevant for real estate developers. It is very positive that a future oriented company like Bonava is leading the way for this form of sustainable mobility, says Morten von Krogh, CEO, Move About Group.

Collaborating for the climate

The cars are already available for bookings in the Move About app. In addition to the cars that are dedicated to Förseglet, the tenants will also get access Sweden's largest network of shared electric cars. Move About is currently available at over 300 stations in Sweden, Norway and Germany.

- Bonava is a company with ambitious sustainability targets. They are the first real estate developer to get their climate goals accepted by Science Bases Target Initiative. We at Move About are proud to collaborate with Bonava on truly sustainable mobility for their projects. Housing and mobility is closely intertwined, and together we can make a big change for the climate, says Peter Aldby, Country Manager, Move About.

A popular choice for real estate developers

Car sharing services, with its many benefits, has become a popular supplement for property developers who often have a strong climate focus for their new- and existing properties. One shared car replaces approximately 10-15 privately owned cars. This means that less parking space is needed, and the regained space can instead be used for new buildings and green areas.

- The fact that our cars are 100% electric further strengthen the idea of shared cars and makes it easy for tenants to make a sustainable choice, finishing Peter Aldby.

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