mobileeee launches citywide e-car sharing in Ludwigshafen

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This Friday, the starting signal was given in Ludwigshafen for the most extensive e-car sharing project in the largest city of the Palatinate region. In the presence of Ludwigshafen’s Mayor Jutta Steinruck, the first two locations were inaugurated, which are located at Alwin-Mittasch-Platz and in the parking lot in front of the Auferstehungskirche Ludwigshafen-Oppau, Edigheimer Straße. The cars can be booked conveniently via the mobileeee app.

In total, up to 27 locations in the city area will be equipped with e-car sharing vehicles and charging infrastructure in the coming months. From small e-cars to e-transporters, residents of the Rhine metropolis will be offered numerous convenient, locally emission-free mobility options. Initially, one electric vehicle will be deployed at each location. If the demand proves higher at individual locations, the offering will be adjusted accordingly.

mobileeee specializes in complete regional e-mobility solutions and implements innovative fleet solutions with electric vehicles in car sharing. The company, which is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main and operates throughout Germany, also implements new concepts, such as co-sharing fleets for companies to serve their own business needs plus private use options for their employees.

Expansion of the public charging infrastructure in Ludwigshafen by amperio

In Ludwigshafen, charging stations with two charging points each - for the e-car sharing vehicles as well as for the public - will be installed at each mobileeee car sharing location in cooperation with the specialized planning office amperio. Thus, in addition to its new mobility offering, the mobileeee e-car sharing project is also making a substantial contribution to the expansion of the public charging infrastructure in Ludwigshafen. At all locations, amperio is installing modern charging technology from Compleo Charging Solutions AG that complies with calibration regulations. The mobileeee charging stations offer charging points with 2x 11 kW, the public charging stations charging with 22 kW AC as well as fast charging points with 50 kW DC and thus enable a functional use of the e-vehicles. Payment is possible at the public stations via app, charging card, credit card or contactless via Girocard.

Ilker Yilmaz, COO of mobileeee, said on the occasion of the opening: "We are very pleased to establish an attractive, area-wide e-car sharing service together with amperio and the city of Ludwigshafen. This will be a visible signal that the energy transition in mobility is not only feasible, but delivers real added value for everyone involved."

Oliver P. Kaul, CEO of amperio, added: "No project of this complexity can be realized without well-coordinated partners and the will of the site owners to drive decarbonized mobility. The positive attitude towards this project was the basic prerequisite for today's milestone. A change in thinking on the part of decision-makers in the city of Ludwigshafen was noticeable to all project partners from the very beginning and has been visible to the public since today."

Ludwigshafen Mayor Jutta Steinruck explained: "Making mobility climateand people-friendly is one of the greatest challenges of our time. With sustainable mobility, we are making an important contribution to climate protection. An accelerated transition to electromobility will help us to do this. Climate protection can only succeed if the transformation of transportation is linked to the transformation of energy systems. This must be supplemented by a change in mobility patterns and behavior. This means making greater use of environmentally friendly means of transport, sharing vehicles and choosing the right means responsibly. It's great that we are making our contribution here together."

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