Move Abouts German subsidiary mobileeee wins another two significant contracts

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Following our successful win of more than 20 cars in the Emsland region of northern Germany in May, mobileeee today was awarded the public tender for 6 electric cars in the nearby Bentheim region.

The municipality is providing a car sharing service for both internal use as well as to public users. Soon we will see Corporates and Administrations following and extending our offer in these regions.

Furthermore, we are happy to announce the start of a very special corporate sharing project together with the airline Condor at Frankfurt Airport: from now on their flight crews can make use of electric cars (type MG-5) to shuttle to (and from) their flights at terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport. We created a tailormade sharing product for this specific user group of which we hope it is just the beginning of a range of sustainable (ground) mobility services mobileeee provides for this progressive airline.

"Altogether, the Emsland, Bentheim and Condor contract will deploy 50 electric vehicles at the start of service which is in line with the overall strategy of targeting the business-to-business segment of the Move About Group. These contracts reduce our risk without compromising future upside", says Michael Lindhof, CEO of mobileeee.

For more information, please contact:
Olof Jonasson, CEO Move About Group AB (publ.)
Mob: +46790683811

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