Successful launch of Move About in Sundbyberg – ready to expand

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Since the launch in Sundbyberg last year, emission free car sharing has proven to be a successful concept in the municipality. Because of the high increase in demand, Move About is now exploring all possibilities to further expand their fleet of shared electric vehicles in the city centre.

Together with Move About, local real estate owner Fastighets AB Förvaltaren in Sundbyberg has been offering car sharing to their tenants, and people living in the nearby area, since summer 2021. In late December, Move About and Sundbyberg municipality also established a partnership - delivering sustainable mobility to over 1,900 employees.

There are currently three locations in operation with a total of eight fully electric cars. Because of the steadily increasing demand, Move About is now looking to expand their presence in Sundbyberg.

"We are very pleased with the positive development we have seen since the initial launch in Sundbyberg. Our goal is to further accelerate this eco system in order to grow faster, increase usage and connect with more companies that are looking for an efficient and sustainable alternative," says Morten Von Krogh, CEO of Move About Group.

A green mindset
Over the last couple of years, Sundbyberg has seen a drastic growth in population. In parallel there is a rapid densification of the city core. Naturally, car sharing has become a successful concept in a city like Sundbyberg - which has an urban population with a green mindset.

For many years, Sundbyberg has been a member of the organisation "Ekokommuner" (eco-friendly municipalities) that are actively working towards making local regions more sustainable. In that way, Sundbyberg really fits the profile for Move About's zero emission mobility services.

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A mix of electric cars
To cover as many needs as possible, Move About's shared fleet in Sundbyberg consists of city cars, long distance cars and transportation vehicles. Since the launch in 2007, all cars in the company's fleet are 100 % electric and powered by renewable energy.

For additional information
Morten von Krogh, CEO, Move About
+47 971 94 931

Certified Adviser
Mangold Fondkommission AB is the Company's Certified Adviser and can be reached by phone, 08-5030 1550, and via e-mail,

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Move About Group AB in brief
Move About offers app-based, environment friendly, and cost-efficient mobility solutions to individuals, businesses, municipalities, and organizations. The Company has developed and owns all immaterial rights to the cloud-based green tech platform which gives digital access to electric cars, electric bikes, taxi, subway, and parking, all through the same app - around the clock. Every kilometer the user travels with the electric cars via the platform reduces CO2emissions.

The Company's extensive mobility solutions is built upon the Move About-app which gives the user access to the Company's pools of electric cars, bikes, and scooters. Move About also assists companies, municipalities, and organizations to optimize their vehicle fleets by tailoring mobility solutions based on needs. Move About was founded in Oslo, Norway, 2007 and has over 58,500 users today on their platform, and over 730 electric cars in the Company's vehicle fleet with presence in Sweden, Norway, and Germany.