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The chairman of the board of Move About Group AB (“Move About” or the “Company”), Morten Wiese, is resigning at his own request. He has been chairman of the board since March 2020 and helped to lay out the growth strategy for Move About ahead of the IPO in February 2022.

Together with the Board of Directors and management, he has also been involved in carrying out an extensive turnaround process with significant cost reductions due to changes in the market after the IPO.  Ivar Sigurd Eide, CEO of Move About's largest owner Rebelijo AS, is proposed as the new Chairman of the Board, which through the recent issue has increased in ownership from 8.4% to 14.8% of the Company.

"After three years as Chairman of the Board of the company, I have today chosen to leave my role. It is time to invite new strategic resources to Move About Group AB that can help shape the strategy further", says Wiese. He cites the sum of the workload as the main reason for his departure.

Ivar Sigurd Eide, 62, is a trained business economist and authorized financial analyst from the Norwegian School of Economics. Ivar Sigurd Eide has worked his entire career in private and venture capital both in Norway and internationally and has extensive board experience, including from Renewable Energy Corporation ASA.

The company intends to convene an extraordinary general meeting for the election of Ivar Sigurd shortly.

For further information, please contact:
Olof Jonasson, CEO of Move About Group AB (publ.)
Mob: +46790683811

Certified Adviser
The Company's Certified Adviser is Mangold Fondkommission AB.

About Move About Group AB
Move About offers app-based, environmentally friendly and cost-effective mobility solutions to private individuals as well as companies, municipalities and organizations. The company has developed and owns all intellectual property rights to its cloud-based greentech platform that provides digital access to electric cars, electric bicycles, taxis, subways and parking via one and the same app - around the clock. Every kilometer that the user travels with the electric cars through the platform reduces CO2 emissions. The Company's comprehensive mobility solution is based on the Move About app, which gives the user access to the Company's pools of electric cars, electric bicycles and electric scooters. Move About also helps companies, municipalities and organizations optimize their vehicle fleets by tailoring mobility solutions to their needs. Move About was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2007 and today has over 70,000 users on its platform and over 800 electric cars in its vehicle fleet with a presence in Sweden, Norway and Germany.